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The riverside in this case is the Chao Phraya River which is often seen as the beating heart of Thailand, let alone Bangkok. Visitors to the river never cease to be amazed by its power and beauty as it gives life to millions of people in the surrounding area. This river is the reason why Bangkok flourished centuries ago and why it is now one of the ‘must see’ cities in the world. While Bangkok is as modern as any city in the world, visitors can also see elements of the past as they stroll through the streets or cruise down Chao Phraya by river boat.

Wat Arun:

When you choose a riverside hotel in Bangkok, you are only minutes away from some of the greatest tourist attractions in the world. Number one on the crowd’s list is Wat Arun (Temple of the Dawn). You can find this temple on the west side of the river. The name of this temple comes from a historical tale that tells the story of King Taksin’s struggle against the ruling Ayutthaya Empire. According to history books, Taksin arrived at Wat Arun at dawn. He had a temple that was renovated at a later date when he won power and is now one of the most magnificent sights in all of Thailand. This temple overlooks the river and also has a 70 meter high tower covered with stunning porcelain and stained glass decorations.

Why I chose Chao Phraya over Sukhumvit

Chao Phraya After checking into a riverside hotel in Bangkok such as the Praya Palazzo, you have to see ‘old Thailand’ and one of the best ways to do this is by taking a cruise down the Chao Phraya River which is only a few minutes from the Palazzo. Thanks to the rivers and waterways that made Bangkok famous, the city was once known as Eastern Venice. An estimated 50,000 people still use the ferries that cover the river every day. A quick walk down the river will showcase the city’s surprising mix of architecture, from 19th-century European civic buildings to simple centuries-old cottages to majestic skyscrapers towering above the ground.

Loi KrathongBooking a riverside hotel in Bangkok also allows you to stay close to the various festivals that bring the city’s residents together. One such opportunity is the Loi Krathong festival which is celebrated every year. The exact date of the festival varies but usually falls in November every year. Participants perform a ritual on the shores of Chao Phraya which involves placing flowers to float on the river and allowing them to float. The word ‘Loi’ literally means ‘to float’ while Krathong is a boat filled with flowers, candles, coins and all kinds of other objects. Male guests at riverside hotels in Bangkok will be interested to know that there is also a beauty pageant at the festival!
If you want to see the whole city, you need to book a riverside hotel in Bangkok because Chao Phraya really is the life and soul of Thailand.

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